About us

The Jersey Employment Trust (JET) is a charitable trust.  Our primary role is to assist people with a disability to find and sustain open employment.   JET is made up of a number of specialised support services which enable people to access a flexible range of options that can be tailored to their specific needs.  We have a fully adapted training facility at our Oakfield site, where people can train in comfort and with the latest technology.  

What do we do?

JET provides a range of employment support services, from pre-vocational education courses, work tasters in our own vocational training areas (Acorn Enterprises and Oakfield Industries) and work experience placements in other commercial settings.  We help people to find suitable employment opportunities, negotiate on their behalf with employers and we can also provide on-the-job training and support.

For employers, JET can provide a comprehensive recruitment service and provide access to an experienced and motivated, but yet untapped, workforce.  We can provide job analysis, on-the-job training, information, advice and guidance on recruitment and also support with retention issues.  We can provide disability awareness training and coordinate support from other support services, such as Social Security and JEND.

Who do we work with?

JET works with anyone who has a disability, this includes people who are on the autistic spectrum, have a sensory impairment, learning difficulty, physical impairment, people with long term medical conditions such as cancer or HIV and Aids, mental health issues, brain injury or neurological impairment.

Our mission statement

"To empower & facilitate people with a disability in Jersey. To maximise their potential to gain and maintain open employment through individual training, education and support"


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