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Kalin gets a full-time role at RBC.

We are super-proud of Kalin who has got a full-time permanent role as Corporate Actions Administrator at RBC.  Kalin today is far different from when he left school, having ended his school days on the alternative curriculum.  Ten years ago he would never have imagined himself here.  He had no qualifications and no idea what he wanted to do.

He has been helped by Jersey Employment Trust - JET with work placements, mock interviews, training courses and voluntary work.  To his Employment Coordinator, Emma Burns, he is a shining example of how someone can show their potential, given the chance.  ‘Kalin trusted us.  Everything we suggested he took on board.  We recognised his strengths and we built up a good relationship.  RBC accepted Kalin for who he is.  They saw the value in him.’

RBC have clearly been impressed by what Kalin did when he was on placement and they realised that he preferred written instructions due to his autism.  ‘I didn’t think I’d ever be doing this kind of work,’ he said.  ‘It took a while to get used to, but it got easier. I’m very happy here. Now I turn up an hour early to get things set up.’  Emma says: ‘You should be proud of yourself. I know we are.’

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