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Meet Nuno, a second-line engineer at Logicalis

Nuno was the first person to have a JET internship.  In his 20's he was studying IT at Highlands College when he fell ill with an infection.  He could be on his feet for only two hours a day and it took him a year to recover. Although he missed some lessons, he still finished his college course with distinctions.

An opportunity came up to be an intern at Logicalis for six months and, a month before he was due to finish, he was offered a job.  Nuno, who is on the autism spectrum, has been there since February 2015, during which he has been promoted to second-line engineer.  ‘It was a perfect match and great timing,’ he says.

‘JET were always there if I had troubles. 
JET are not people who turn you away or treat you any differently. Logicalis have always helped too.  I have been laughed at before but I have never been judged here.  ‘I love working and learning and solving puzzles.  I’m having a lot of fun here but I’m having a lot of hard work too.'

Thank you to all the employers we work with, just like Paul Johnson at Logicalis.

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