Case studies


I approached Jersey Employment Trust about helping me to find employment after reading about them in the paper. The support and guidance they offered me was invaluable.

After spending three years at university, I came back to Jersey a bit unsure about how I should go about looking for work. I have a long-term lung condition, and at that point I wasn't in as good health as I would have liked. I suspected I would struggle with the demands of full-time employment, but with no formal work experience under my belt wasn't able to get any part-time work.

I then found out about the Jersey Employment Trust in an article in the paper. After looking through their website and realising they could help me, I contacted them and an initial meeting was arranged. We discussed what type of work I would be interested in doing, what experience and skills I had and what needed to be taken into account to make sure I could stay on top of keeping myself fit and healthy.

Two work experience placements were subsequently secured for me by JET:  a couple of days a week volunteering in the Société Jersiaise library, and a six-week project at the Jersey War Tunnels, where my placement role was to co-ordinate a visitor experience survey. These ultimately helped me, again with JET's assistance, gain part-time employment as a marketing administrator at Jersey International Business School.

To make sure my health needs were met, my working hours were adapted so that I could have some extra time in the mornings to do my treatments and also fit in going to the gym two afternoons a week. I currently work a five-day 23-hour week starting at 10am, finishing at 3.45pm three days a week and 2.45pm on my two gym days. This seems to suit me very well, and my health has stayed stable for the two years that I have been working there.

My role includes maintaining the database, preparing and sending e-marketing, helping create and proofreading marketing materials, and updating the website. It's a constantly busy place and there's always a variety of things to be getting on with, which makes it an exciting and interesting place to work. I also have supportive colleagues who understand that it's important for me to make sure I don't let my exercise regime slip.

I regularly meet up with my JET support worker, who is very friendly and approachable, and I know I can contact them at any time.

Thanks to JET, I am working in a job that I enjoy and that suits my needs. I am confident that my long-term health condition can be managed better through working part-time, and that I can also have an interesting and challenging career at the same time.


I came back to Jersey at Christmas 2005, after living in England for 11years, where I was part of the Kaleidoscope Theatre Company.   During my time with them, I took part in many productions in England, Edinburgh, Hungary and Jersey.   I also auditioned in London for the role of Kate Beckinsale's brother in the film "Shooting Fish" and got the part, which I really enjoyed playing.

I was keen to start looking for work when I came back to Jersey, so I was put in touch with the Jersey Employment Trust who organised for me to have some taster sessions in their sheltered work schemes and also to join their office training room where I helped with the ITEX walk work.

Around this time JET organised for me to have a work experience placement at the Co-op in St Peter which I really enjoyed.   In April of this year they organised for me to have a work taster at the Jersey War Tunnels as a 'front of house assistant'.   It went really well and I got to meet lots of people (mainly visitors).   They liked me and I liked them and they offered me the job.   Since then this season has gone so well that Paul Simmonds the general manager has offered me a job next year.

During this time I made a film with Rebecca Coley called "Jack Blond" which premiered 28th August 08.   I also did interviews with Radio Jersey, Spotlight TV and Gallery magazine!!


I was 36 years old when my life suddenly came to a halt due to illness. I felt useless, had no money and very little self-respect. I was low in confidence and didn't communicate very well with others as I was ashamed and secretive about my illness.

In 2012 I was introduced to Jersey Employment trust and my life has changed so much. Jet has helped me grow as a person and find what I want out of life.

Due to the Quick books, IT Admin and ECDL training I am doing at JET I now have passed one exam and will shortly be taking another,  which has given me the self-confidence to enjoy a work experience placement at Acorn in both Admin and Shop work.

The support I have received from JET has been wonderful and they have been with me every step of the way empowering me to embrace new work experiences and challenges.