Frequently asked questions

Can you give me a job?

JET is a supported employment service that can provide you with a totally individualised service; right from helping you to decide what type of work would suit you best, assisting you to develop the skills and confidence to succeed; through to helping you find and maintain the right job.

Why shoud I become involved with JET?

We offer a beneficial service for both potential clients and employers.  For our clients, we offer training and work experience, coupled with support, to not only gain but also to maintain a job.  For the employers, who offer open employment placements or work experience, we offer support and advice on employing someone with a disability.

How do I apply?

To do this you please go to our download page to down load the referral form, or contact us and we will send you a form through the post.  All applications are reviewed by the Joint Referal Group who will contact you.

What will this cost me?

JET's services are free to both clients and employers.  This includes all advice, support and training.

How will this affect my benefits?

There are some benefits that allow you to work with permission from Social Security.  JET offers advice and assistance to clients who are concerned about working and the affect that it may have on their benefits.