Training & education

There is no pre-determined route or set number of hours for people who attend the service, as it is designed to be flexible, to enable people to combine a range of options to address their individual needs and aspirations. The process, which is followed to agree the pathway which someone will follow, and the range of training options available are detailed below. 

Assessment and Employment Development Planning

Everyone who comes to JET is linked with an Employment Co-ordinator, who works in partnership with them to assess their pre-vocational and vocational training requirements.  Specialist assessments are completed if required, such as vocational Occupational Therapy support.

On completion of this assessment, people formulate an individually tailored Employment Development Plan (EDP) with their Employment Co-ordinator.  The EDP gives a clear description of the activities and skills that the individual needs to develop to meet their employment aspirations.  The EDP is reviewed regularly to ensure that it reflects developments or changes in people's aspirations.

Pre-vocational and Vocational Education Courses

All our courses within JET are designed and intended to move people towards employment.  JET works in partnership with Highlands College and Back to Work to provide a range of accredited courses which are recognised nationally. 

Our training is for people moving towards or returning to work.

Some of the courses offered, charge free, are:

  • First Aid 
  • Health & Safety 
  • Job Club 
  • I.T.
  • Quickbooks
  • City & Guilds NPTC
  • Customer Service Training
  • Confidence Courses
  • CV Training
  • Interview Preparation
  • Access to external training provided

You can discuss all your training needs and aspirations with us, please call 01534 788900.

Vocational Training Placements

AcornJET has a number of business / vocational training areas that provide realistic training for people to gain the appropriate skills and confidence to enter or return to the workplace.  Each employment training area has been designed to offer a range of occupational skills and is staffed by trained supervisors who provide the appropriate support to clients to gain the necessary skills to progress into paid employment.  The employment training areas are:

Acorn Nursery and Acorn Woodshack

Acorn is a horticultural training service based in Trinity that provides people with experience in both contract gardening and how to grow and maintain bedding plants and other seasonal crops.

They are also linked with several local conservation projects. Acorn Nursery is one of the largest growers of summer bedding plants on the island and in 2012, secured the contract to grow all the Department of Infrastructure's summer and winter bedding. Acorn underwent a redevelopment in 2012 and now has the facilities to offer a wide range of employment based courses such as City & Guilds garden machinery, retail and customer service training.


The Woodshack timber recycling project is a social enterprise that benefits a wide cross section of local people:

  • Benefits people with a disability by providing employment and training
  • Reduces the amount of material imported into the Island
  • Reduces local waste and carbon emissions
  • Conserves a natural resource
  • Provides affordable upcycled wooden furniture and building materials for low income families and local small business
  • Generates income for charitable purposes.

Work Experience Opportunities

JET can assist in setting up work experience placements with companies who offer experience of working in specific industrial settings.  These opportunities are very valuable as they allow a person time to try out different types of work before making a long term commitment.  A work experience placement can also enable people to obtain a reference, build up their employment related experience on their CV, develop and improve skills and knowledge and understand more about what is required in the work environment. 

Support is provided, whilst a person settles into a job, by one of our Support Worker team.  Support staff will ensure that a person understands what is required and they will provide practical support and training on the job, until that person feels confident to complete tasks independently.  When all parties feel confident, the support worker will maintain contact with the person and the employer and call into the work place at regular intervals, to check on progress.   The level of support required varies from person to person and continues throughout the work experience placement.