Recruitment Services

Employers spend a lot of time and expense on recruitment services.  JET can support employers to spend as much time as possible focusing on their core business while receiving robust recruitment services from JET.  JET's recruitment services are listed below.

Candidate Screening

JET staff get to know their candidates intensely through their assessment process and by collaboratively working with the candidate to complete their Employment Development Plan (EDP).  We know our candidates strengths and key skills and also the areas where support is needed.  This process enables the candidate and their Employment Co-ordinator to develop a relationship of trust which the employer can benefit from. 

Job Analysis

JET can visit companies  and complete a job analysis whereby the different tasks of a job are broken down into small steps and analysed as to what specific skills are required by a person to complete each task.  This is an essential process for JET and enables staff to gain in-depth knowledge about the job in a company and be equipped to complete the job matching with JET candidates.

Job Matching

As we've mentioned, JET knows their candidates well and after the Job Analysis is completed, JET staff can match the right person most suited to the job.  Knowing the candidates' strengths and areas for support means JET can link the most suited candidate to the job in a company, with assurance that the tasks are achievable for the candidate and the position will be beneficial for the company.  Sometimes JET staff look at Job Carving, whereby a candidate can complete some tasks on a Job Description which allows other employees to focus on more cost effective core business tasks.