Workplace support & training

JET provides professional on-the-job training and support to our candidates and their employers.  You can be assured that JET will not disappear once the candidate has secured the position!  JET can continue to provide this training and support to candidates for as long as required over their career; so employers could benefit from JET's services until their employees are 60 / 65 years of age.  JET's workplace Support and Training services include:

Appropriate support in the workplace

Everyone is different, people have unique skills and strengths, and businesses have different ways of functioning; therefore supporting a person in the workplace must be specific to that person and the business.  There is no one formula for workplace support and training. 

JET's Employment Co-ordinators and Support Workers agree with the candidate and their employer as to the most suitable  approach for supporting them in a new job.  This could vary from meeting the candidate separately outside the workplace and liaising with the employee to monitor; to JET staff learning the specific job, teaching the candidate the tasks on the job and being present in the workplace to monitor progress.  Support from JET staff will naturally change over time as the employee settles into the job and develops their personal links with line managers and colleagues.

As with every employee, there are ups and downs in people's lives and people with disabilities are no different.  JET staff are available (along with the natural supports in the workplace from colleagues) to support employees with disabilities at difficult times and increase the support levels as needed.

Risk assessment and health & safety

JET staff complete risk assessments for individual candidates in specific jobs, in order that the employer can be reassured as to the employee's abilities and what reasonable adjustments (if any) need to be implemented.  There are many myths and stereotypes around what people with disabilities cannot do or are unsafe to do.  Often these myths are easily disproved, when JET staff
spend time with the employee and employer; often common sense practises or simply following the company's Health and Safety Policy are the only adjustments required, which could benefit all employees not just those with disabilities.

JET staff can also support the employee by taking them through the company's Health and Safety Policy (in addition to the usual standard Health and Safety training in the workplace) to ensure the employee and employer are confident in this knowledge.

Job Retention

JET can provide support to people in employment who experience a deterioration in an existing medical condition or acquire a long term illness or disability.  That person or their employer can contact JET to arrange the appropriate support and training needed for job retention.  Assistance available includes: advice regarding change of work / flexible hours practises, assessment and provision of adaptations required to complete tasks, liaison with other agencies, counselling and much more.