Client Job Retention

We understand that a person's health condition or disability can change at any time and this can have an impact on their ability to fulfil their current job role.

JET provides a bespoke Job Retention service aimed at providing support to both an individual and an employer.  Depending on the needs of the client and employer, this could include:

Job Retention

JET can provide support to any person who is finding it difficult to maintain tasks within their current job role due to a new medical condition or disability, or changes or relapses in an existing condition.  We can provide advice, information, training in the workplace or assistance with aids and adaptations to help someone retain their employment. 

Long-term support

We understand that a change in someone's job role or a change of staff within a team could have an adverse effect on a person's health and sustainability in the workplace.  JET is available to clients and employers to help provide any necessary support and guidance at such times. 

Career development

JET can assist clients to develop a progression pathway to help them achieve their future career goals.  We can support a client to prepare for upcoming workplace reviews or appraisals, or with looking for alternative work in a different company or sector. 

I have managed to get a job and come to terms with my diagnosis - and for the first time declare this to an employer. I also have kept my job as I have reasonable adjustments made so that I can concentrate in work.
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