Job Seeking

To provide clients with the best possible opportunity to secure and sustain employment, we offer a bespoke and ongoing support service to them.  This is tailored to the needs of the individual and can include a range of job seeking and job retention activities, including the following: 

Job Search Assistance

We run daily job clubs at our Kensington Chambers building, where clients can meet with staff to get assistance with job searching, completing job applications, updating their CV and writing cover letters.  We also have a jobs board with information about current vacancies, as well as computers and telephones that clients can use for job seeking and training purposes.

Interview Support

Our team can help a client to prepare for an interview.  We can facilitate mock interview practice with both JET staff or local employers.  Mock interviews are a great way to get constructive feedback to help clients with an upcoming interview.  


We offer a bespoke canvassing service where we contact employers to promote a client's skills to help secure a work experience placement or paid employment.  We can, where required, help facilitate a discussion with an employer about potential job role adjustments prior to a client starting work.

JET are leading the way forward in reaching out to employers and successfully job matching their clients who have tailored needs within the workplace. FNHC have been happy to support this charity and hope to continue their relationship with JET in the future.

In-work Support

If required, JET can provide in-work support to help a client settle into the workplace and their role.  This support is available to the client and/or their employer to ensure all is going well; this is not time restricted, the duration of support is reviewed on a regular basis.  In-work support can be undertaken through spending structured time with someone on the job, an informal workplace drop-in, by phone, email or during a lunchtime catch-up.  

The opportunities for work experience and job interview preparations really helped my confidence. All of that was so important to me finding the right job, but the support I’ve had from JET since then, helping me to talk to my employer when things got a bit worse and my hours needed adjusting. It’s just such a relief to know I have someone in my corner that I can turn to who’ll understand and also challenge me to see past my negative thinking. It’s priceless!
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