What we do

We work with our clients in an individual and person-centred way, meaning you set your goals and guide your development.  Our Under 25s Coordinators help you achieve this in a variety of ways, including:

1-to-1 Meetings

These are led by the student and can take place at JET, in the community or at school or college.  1-to-1 meetings are an opportunity to build a relationship with the young person and provide appropriate support and guidance, both pastoral & employment-focused.

Small Group Sessions

We run a variety of small group skill development sessions to help clients prepare for work.  These could include things such as CV writing, travel training, and telephone skills.

Careers Guidance and Employment support

We work with clients to complete an Employment Development Plan which identifies their training and work goals.  After completing an action plan to determine the steps towards your goal, we work with you to achieve these. 

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