Client Stories

Juliette - an incredibly conscientious and reliable worker

Juliette, who has autism, has been working at the Radisson Blu hotel since July 2021, helping in the kitchen with polishing cutlery and glasses. 

She re-engaged with JET after being made redundant just before the Covid lockdown.

‘I love my job, and I really appreciate the support of JET,’ she says. ‘I am meeting people, enjoy being part of the team, it’s good fun and makes me happy. And it’s good that I am not put under any pressure.

‘Sometimes I do extra hours. I am very willing if I am asked to help in other areas – but not the cooking!’

Employment Co-ordinator Kerry Robinson said: ‘Juliette is an incredibly conscientious and reliable worker, and she was keen to get into a paid role. The Radisson are very happy with her standard of work, and they have been very accommodating with me popping in to see her.’

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