Client Stories

Kerry is an asset to the club in so many ways

Kerry Allen has been a volunteer at the Good Companions Club since March 2015.

Manager Angie Falle said: ‘When I first met Kerry, she was quiet and withdrawn with few conversational or people skills and was reluctant to join in with activities and interact with either the club members or the team. She was encouraged by everyone to take part in any way she felt comfortable and was supported by the team to gain confidence in herself and her ability to become a valued team member.

‘Today, Kerry is not only a hard-working team member but a real asset to the club in so many ways. She is well liked and joins in with everything. She has learned that being a part of things in the club is enjoyable and rewarding, and she has grown enormously in her role as a volunteer. She adds value to the club’s day-to-day running.

‘She is kind, caring and enjoys all aspects of the work here, she is now happy to hold conversations with people and gives me good feedback as to what has taken place each day, something she would not have done before.

‘I am delighted to have Kerry working with us at the Good Companions Club and see her as a real success story. Seeing her bloom has been a real pleasure. We really do value our partnership with the Jersey Employment Trust. It’s not just a huge success for Kerry but also a massive advantage for our club and its elderly membership.’

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