Employment Services

JET is made up of a number of specialised employment support services, which enable people to access a flexible range of options that can be tailored to their specific needs.  The services that we offer fall primarily into three categories, Job Training and Education, Employment Placement and Support, Retention and Long Term Support.

Training and education

This service area includes a range of options that enables someone to explore and hone their employment aspirations and gain the necessary skills and experience to realise their goals.  This area includes:-

  • Assessment and Employment Development Planning   
  • Prevocational and Vocational Education Courses   
  • Vocational Training Placements   
  • Work Experience Opportunities

Employment placement and support

This service area includes assisting people to find and secure employment opportunities.  The types of support that can be provided includes:-

  • Job Search Assistance   
  • Interview Support and Employment Negotiation     
  • On the Job Training and Support

Retention and long term support

JET provides on going support and will assist with any retention issues that may arise, for the employee or the employer, including:-

  • Long Term Follow Up and Support   
  • Retention and Further Training   
  • Career Development