Employment placement & support

This service area includes assisting people to find and secure employment opportunities.  The types of support that can be provided includes:-

Job Search Assistance 

At our Oakfield and Kensington Buildings we run a Job Club four times a week where people can join an informal session with staff and have assistance in writing letters, filling in applications and making telephone calls. We are able to help in accessing job information and resources, such as in newspapers, periodicals, free internet and telephones etc.  We provide people with the support that they require to use our ICT facilities and we have a range of specialist assistive technologies such as screen reading and voice recognition software, adapted mouse and ergonomic keyboards, all available to make this easier.

Interview Support and Employment Negotiation

JET provides one to one support to help a person find paid employment; this includes all aspects of job searching from developing a CV and practising interview skills. We can arrange with a local employer to offer a mock interview and give feedback on interview techniques; this type of feedback has proved invaluable to some people who have now moved on, into open employment. 

Employment Placement

JET also offers an individualised canvassing service where we contact employers, promoting an individuals skills and potential.  We can, where applicable, negotiate with the employer regarding contracts of employment and advise if job adjustments or any specialist equipment is required to enable a person to start work.

On the Job Training and Support

JET will provide whatever support is required to help a person settle into work.  We can provide one to one on-the-job training or provide intensive training in specific areas to ensure the person reaches thier full potential as soon as possible.  JET provides on-going support via regular visits to make sure that all is going well and also provides assistance wherever necessary.

We assist in raising the awareness of colleagues, who work closely with a person with a specific condition, where appropriate and can advise the employer on any minor adaptations to the premises or work routine, if necessary.