Retention & long term support

JET provides on-going support and will assist with any retention issues that may arise for the employee or the employer including:-

Long Term Follow Up and Support

JET provides long term support and the employee or the employer can contact the service at any time.  This may be to ask for assistance with learning new skills, because of a change in the work role, or simply for additional information and advice.  Whatever the requirement, JET will always be on hand to provide the necessary support.

Retention and Further Training

JET can provide support to any person who is finding it difficult to maintain their work due to a medical condition; an employer or the person themselves can contact JET and request assistance. JET can provide advice and information, training in the work place or assistance with aids and adaptions.  Where applicable the person can access any of JET's facilities or training courses, to enable them to maintain their current employment. 

Career Development

People with disabilities are no different from anyone else and have aspirations for career advancement; JET can assist a person to look to the future and plan the next career step.  We can offer anyone in work, assistance in looking for alternative work with a different company or simply assist in the negotiation process with an existing employer, regarding further training and advancement in their current position.