Transition Services

The Transition Service was formed to work with students with support needs whilst they are in education, to plan a pathway and to guide and support them into future employment and/or signpost to other appropriate services eg. STEPS, Included Project.

Linking with schools and families

JET aims to link with students from the age of 14 (Year 9), their parents and guardians.

These links might involve:

  • Annual reviews and meetings
  • Visits to JET (Oakfield Building or Acorn site)
  • Joint work experiences and job tasters
  • Visits to classrooms to meet students.

Employment Development Plans

We will offer support and guidance to students to allow them to make informed choices; understanding the options that are open to them and deciding on the steps that are necessary to achieve their full potential and aspirations.  These plans will be regularly reviewed to ensure they reflect the needs of the student in a person-centred way.