Information, advice & guidance

JET can provide information, advice and guidance services to employers regarding an employee with a disability, or to employers requesting support to retain their employee.  Services include: 

Disability Awareness Training

People generally have knowledge of a particular illness or disability only through friends or a member of their family being affected.  Disability Awareness Training can be a necessary and helpful way for companies and their employees to effectively work alongside and support their disabled colleagues.  A lot of people are naturally concerned for people with disabilities, so receiving disability awareness training arms them with the facts regarding the condition.  It also reinforces the strengths and abilities of someone with that condition, rather than focus on the problems.

JET staff can provide literature, website based learning materials and in-house training to companies, regarding particular disabilities, and also link with accredited training from other charities, such as Autism Jersey.

Reasonable Adjustments

People with disabilities may require reasonable adjustments in the workplace to be able to perform their job efficiently.  JET staff and the Occupational Therapist are able to advise what adjustments may be necessary, in conjunction with the employee and  employer.  Some examples of a reasonable adjustment can be: changing a work practise to make the process more efficient (which benefits everyone), using a loop system (maybe suitable for someone with a hearing impairment), or advising an adaptation in the workplace, such as a lift or a second rail on steps (maybe suitable for someone with mobility problems).

JET can assist the employer and employee to apply for the Adaptation Grant through Social Security, which provides a part contribution towards adaptive equipment required for a person with a disability to complete their job.

JEND - Jersey Employers Network on Disability

JET has close ties with JEND and can assist an employer to link with JEND, who can provide support to a company employing a person with a disability. 

You can contact JEND's chairman Sally Gallichan on 07797 712435 or by emailing

JACS - Jersey Advisory and Conciliatory Service 

JACS services are available to employers and employees. JET can assist employers to link with JACS, whose services include: impartial information and advice, negotiation and conciliation in employment disputes and training courses on extensive topics including employment law.



Social Security

JET also has close links with Social Security.  JET staff often liaise with Social Security staff regarding candidate's benefits or income support and can even arrange meetings between different parties, to clarify understanding.