JET Jaunt 2024

Ready, JET, Go!!

The JET Jaunt is set to be an exciting adventure!

Embracing spontaneity can lead to the most memorable experiences.  Without over-planning, you’re free to make decisions on the fly, discover hidden gems, and truly immerse yourself in the journey.  Whether it’s problem-solving, team-building or liaising with locals, the unknown middle of your trip is where the magic happens.

The JET Jaunt is going to give just a little flavour of the BBC TV programme Race Across the World, although we don’t have a £20,000 cash prize and you can use your smartphone! 

To find out more about the challenge and fundraising, download our flyer below.  

JET Jaunt 2024 Information

To sign up for the JET Jaunt 2024, scan the QR code below or click HERE

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